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About Us

About IMO®

Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO®) develops, manages, and licenses medical vocabularies, as well as health care software applications which utilize the medical vocabularies. IMO’s Clinical Interface Terminology products, including IMO Problem (IT), provides seamless mapping of diagnostic terminologies to billing codes and medical concepts. IMO provides the tools necessary for health care organizations to authoritatively support uniform labeling of health profiles, services rendered, and outcomes across their enterprise. This intersection of clinical and financial data provides health care organizations with dependable quality information to deliver services, bear risk, and to enable efficient, cost-effective operation and accountability. IMO’s products improve physician satisfaction, facilitate physician adoption, speed the coding process, reduce unnecessary physician-coder communication, and result in fewer rejected claims.

About IMO® Code Scout™

IMO's Clinical Interface Terminology (CIT) is a suite of vocabulary products that help people, companies and health organizations manage the complexities of searching and obtaining the myriad of codes from most code standards. IMO® Code Scout™ is a stand-alone, web-based version of CIT’s IMO® Problem (IT) and IMO® Procedure (IT) options. IMO® Problem (IT) is: a clinical diagnosis and problem vocabulary which contains synonyms, acronyms and lexical variants that are commonly used by clinicians, coders and patients. The current IMO® Problem (IT) data source contains approximately 190,000+ terms and concepts representing over 16,000 ICD-9-CM codes and terms. The data source represents a significant improvement over typical ICD-9 based controlled vocabulary because it allows you to search non-standard descriptions and find the billable ICD-9 code. clinicians to use the language that is most familiar to them to document patients' encounter diagnoses, problem lists, and medical histories. In addition, the vocabulary is cross-linked with the ICD textual descriptions (as published by CMS), SNOMED CT®, MeSH, and UMLS where possible, and is represented in both hierarchical and semantic classifications. IMO® is already incorporating ICD-10-CM into IMO® Problem (IT). IMO® Procedure (IT) contains a powerful master index allowing clinicians and coders to find the procedure terms they need quickly and easily from a charge perspective. IMO® Code Scout™ utilizes IMO’s Chargemaster version, providing access to CPT® coded procedures and physician services along with HCPCS-coded durable medical equipment/supply terms.