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IMO® Code Scout™ For Coders

Providing superior search of problem and procedure lists resulting in accurate billing codes!

Have you struggled to find the correct ICD-9, HCPCS or CPT® billing code from physician documentation? Want to avoid tiresome RAC audits? Well, now you can code directly from descriptions in the patient chart, enabling less mistakes and oversights! We power many of the leading Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems' problem list and procedure list searches.

IMO® Code Scout™ features:

  • Improved productivity: every search results in a billable code
  • Search using the same terms that clinicians use
  • Our search is fast and runs from any browser – even iPhone® and Blackberry® smartphones
  • Reduce or eliminate wasted time due to coding discrepancies
  • Code mappings reviewed & analyzed by AHIMA for accuracy
  • Search results can display further details, including similar descriptions mapped to the same administrative code
  • Over 190,000 unique search terms in IMO® Problem (IT) alone ensures you will always find a result
  • A unique "Did You Mean" feature that suggests similar search terms if none are found
  • Our IMO® Problem (IT) search dictionary is updated 10 times per year, and our IMO® Procedure (IT) dictionary is updated 4 times a year, including the two official regulatory releases provided for each.

Give IMO® Code Scout™ a try for 30 days with no obligation. We are sure you will be thrilled with your improvement in throughput. Try searching using abbreviations, medical jargon, synonyms, eponyms (problems named after a person’s name) and even misspellings! Click here to start your Free Trial!

AHIMA is a registered trademark of American Health Information Management Association. AHIMA does not endorse, recommend, or grant approval to, any commercial firm, product or process. AHIMA does not make any representation or claim about the fitness of any map, or whether the use of any map is appropriate for any particular application or purpose. AHIMA reviews a terminology map provided to it and assesses the accuracy of the map between a source terminology vocabulary and target system such as the ICM-9-CM code. AHIMA review is performed in the absence of any context involving a particular patient or course of treatment.