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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for IMO® Code Scout™!

What is IMO® Code Scout™?

  • IMO® Code Scout™ is a comprehensive, stand-alone, web-based version of IMO's Clinical Interface Terminology (CIT) dictionary, with over 190,000 clinical terms, abbreviations, and synonyms each mapped to preferred ICD-9-CM, CPT® or HCPCS billing codes. IMO® Code Scout™ helps coders quickly lookup procedure and problem terms in the clinician's own jargon, which may be found in transcriptions, EMR records, clinician notes -- whatever documents or software the coding professional is working from.

How is IMO® Code Scout™ used in coding workflow?

  • Coding professionals may use a variety of software applications with which to do their work. IMO® Code Scout™ speeds through coder uncertainty when they encounter a term or abbreviation they are not familiar with. The coder enters the term into the IMO® Code Scout™ search page and quickly receives a list of billable codes related to that term. There is even a "Did You Mean?" feature to help find elusive terms.
    IMO® Code Scout™ is meant to be used as a supplement to existing coding processes. It's like installing a turbocharger in your current search process.

How will this change and/or impact billing?

  • By allowing you to accurately document billing terms to and from clinician terms, you can easily reduce the number of rejected claims and billing errors, thereby reducing the amount of times needed to revisit claims again and again.

What if a clinician can't find a diagnosis or procedure based on his/her favorite terms?

  • Given the large number of healthcare organizations who have already deployed IMO® and continue to contribute their unique terms to the IMO® data set - most every favorite term that can be thought of is already contained within IMO®. Those we do not have are captured and added to the IMO® data set during our ongoing review of search terms. Because IMO rapidly adds new clinical terms and their preferred codes (such as: ICD-9-CM: Swine Flu 487.1) coding professionals and clinicians enjoy a major benefit of employing IMO® - always being able to quickly find a billable code.

How often is IMO® Code Scout™ updated?

  • IMO® Problem (IT) publishes 10 updates per year (the same as our EMR terminology schedule), including the two (spring and fall) regulatory updates of ICD-9-CM. IMO® Procedure (IT) publishes 4 updates per year, including the two (winter and summer) regulatory updates of CPT® and HCPCS.

What will happen when ICD-10 is mandated?

  • The good news is that IMO® clinical search terms will remain the same! Mapping to ICD-10-CM happens behind the scenes and you will be able to obtain ICD-10-CM codes soon after they become finalized. The IMO® Code Scout™ offering of IMO® Problem (IT) will have ICD-10-CM mappings available for customers well in advance of the mandated deadline.

Do I need to purchase both IMO® Problem (IT) and IMO® Procedure (IT)?

  • No, both are automatically available for your 30-day free trial, but then it is your choice to license one or the other, or both. If you chose to add the other license at a later time, you may do so by logging in to the site, clicking on the "Your Account" button and then selecting "Payment" from the left-hand navigation.

Is it hard to install?

  • No, because there is no installation! IMO® Code Scout™ runs online, much like any other web search engine you are familiar with. Easily accessed via any web browser, you can keep IMO® Code Scout™ open while you do your normal coding work and use it as you need it!