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Happy PracticeIMO® Code Scout™ is a medical terminology service providing superior search of problem and/or procedure lists resulting in accurate billing codes. We combine the most comprehensive dictionary on the planet: over 190,000 clinically relevant disease and problem terms in our IMO® Problem (IT), with powerful search functionality to serve your practice! Increase the productivity of your practice and lessen the amount of denied claims for less than 60¢ a day!

Now you can code from eponyms, synonyms, acronyms, favorites terms and even common misspellings. You and your staff can finally say what you need to say about your patients and be confident you will find the appropriate billing code.

With IMO® Code Scout™ you can real time search at point of care because its web based for easy access and will even work with smart phone technology. With IMO® Code Scout™ revenue flow is improved dramatically by significantly reducing denied claims. And you can feel confident about the content as our mappings are all reviewed and analyzed by AHIMA.

IMO® Code Scout™ is affordably priced and available as an annua1, per-seat license. Click here to sign-up for a risk-free, 30 day trial, and find out why others are saying they wouldn’t want to search for codes without IMO® Code Scout™!

AHIMA is a registered trademark of American Health Information Management Association. AHIMA does not endorse, recommend, or grant approval to, any commercial firm, product or process. AHIMA does not make any representation or claim about the fitness of any map, or whether the use of any map is appropriate for any particular application or purpose. AHIMA reviews a terminology map provided to it and assesses the accuracy of the map between a source terminology vocabulary and target system such as the ICM-9-CM code. AHIMA review is performed in the absence of any context involving a particular patient or course of treatment.